Focaccia was the typical food of those who traveled, worked or cruised the seas. It is because of its typical nature of being a “portable” meal that Paolo Amadori at the Atelier, has elected the focaccia as symbol of “street food” or “ready-made”…


The concept is free-standing, the place is an unlimited world of solid identities creating harmonious connections between Italy and France.


Two floors, an historic building adjacent to the La Forge Restaurant, is the realm of Italian-style aperitifs, it is the epitome of the best tastings typical of Italy and France (also of confectionery products and patisserie), it is an experiential occasion enhanced by the competence and skills of Chef Paolo Amadori who actualizes the concept of a Delicatessen.

epicerie fine

Made in Italy, the culture of food and passion are the pluses of our research to guarantee our customers a selection of products of the highest quality.

a delicatessen 2.0

The ATELIER is a free-standing concept: a pole where solid identities create harmonious connections between Italy and France for an all embracing cultural and multisensory diffusion, combining the art of cooking and gastronomy, visual arts, literature and music.